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Liz. B

At Daughters For Hire Estate Sales we appreciate your kind words and testimonials.

Thank you!

Kim Rubio

Thank you so much for the exceptional job you did handling our estate sale. Your communication skills and work ethics were outstanding. Your assistance and can do attitude were instrumental in putting our mind at ease.
Everything went like clockwork.
Again, thank you!!!
Kind regards,

Lisa and Ed Herndon

Daughters For Hire handled our mom's estate sale. We could not be more pleased with the results! Liz and her team handled EVERYTHING from A to Z and from start to finish.

The contents of our mom's house was thoroughly inventoried and clearly priced. Several items needed research to determine their fair value. Liz did all that behind the scences and even took a few pieces to be appraised. My husband and I would have never been able to tackle that task and we are certain her above-and-beyond approach resulted in higher proceeds.

The night before the start of our sale my husband and I took a sneak peek at the preparations. We were shocked at how organized everything was! No wonder our sale was so successful!

And Liz's service didn't stop at the close of the sale. Items that didn't sell found their way to a charitable organization and I'm pretty sure the home was left cleaner than it was before the sale!

Gaughters For hire truly lifted a burden from us. Liz and her team were professional, friendly and caring and delivered on their promise to host a top-notch estate sale.

Nancy Mcneill

Liz handled the estate sale after my father moved from his house into an assisted living facility. She was a pleasure to work with, very professional, and everything went just as expected. Working with Liz made the move less stressful, as she took care of all the things left in the house. After the sale, Liz personally delivered the check to my father and even deposited the check into his bank account for him, since he is no longer driving. I highly recommend Liz and her team!

Paul and Marge Sheehan

Thank you so much for planning and organizing a successful Estate Sale for us. You made the whole process simple and stressless. We appreciate your excellent communications and concern that everything went perfect.
Best regards,

Jeanne Wandall

Hello Liz,
Never thought I'd have a need for an estate sale, but when the time came I realized I needed to find the right person for the job. Word of mouth {always best} and research identified Liz Berning, Daughters For Hire Estate Sales. From the initial phone call, the first meeting, the house walk through {taking pictures for the website} everything was professionally handled. Once dates were established and the contract signed, Liz and her team proceeded to group and tag every single item in our house. Items large and small were handled with care and prepped for sale.
Liz and her team started on time and ended on time. There was prompt and complete follow through with a check along with several pages of all items sold that included the selling price. There is no doubt that I would highly recommend Liz and her team for any estate sale you might need.
Thanks Liz

Rita Tanner

There are so many pressures when trying to move and what to keep or what to let go. Liz was recommended to me and wow am I so glad. The first time we met she immediately put my fears away of having an estate sale. Not ever doing one before I wasn't sure what to do but Liz made the pressures ease, the fears go away and amazed at her organization and efficiency of setting up the estate sale. She used all her  resources in pricing furniture fairly and displayed all the little things beautifully. Everything SOLD and was very pleased how Liz left the house spotless. I am so thankful for the great job she did from beginning to the end of the estate sale!

Bob Wright

Liz and her team recently conducted a very successful Estate Sale at our home in the Villages. After living in the same house for the past 14 years we acquired lots of stuff,much was in the attic and even some under the beds. Not only did Liz find all the stuff but was able to clean up what needed to be cleaned up and made it all look good too. She was very organized, had everything priced and ready when the sale started.
We now live in Elan retirement home and consider Liz a friend.

Sue and Roger Kirkpatrick

We had Liz do our estate sale when we sold our home. From the very beginning she was professional and calming and made us feel that she would take care of everything-and she did. We had an estate sale before and know how the key to a successful one is advertising. Liz takes photos of items and does a nice online posting to encourage buyers. The neighbors reported that people were lined up down the street before opening. We had a very profitable sale and were happy with all the services, and the gals cleaned the floors and the counters after everything was gone. The cleaning gal we hired to come in before closing said Liz leaves the cleanest houses!

Mike Rolfe

Hi Sara & Liz,
Thanks for your excellent service and attention to detail. We are really pleased how you helped us out in our time of need. We would recommend your firm anytime......
Your price for your services was very fair.

Carol Preble 

Liz & Sara,
Just wanted to say thank you for the job you did getting rid of all my accumulated "stuff" during the recent downsizing sale. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what was left, since I knew how much there was to start. And, I was really pleased and surprised when I got the check-hadn't been too optimistic about what things sell for, so it was a great pleasure to see the final amount.
My neighbors told me there were people lined up on Thursday morning, so I know you did a great job of advertising and getting the right people in.
I'm so thankful there are folks like you who do this work-I can't tell you how much stuff I've given away over the past 10 years just because there was really no way to hold an effective sale on our own {this was in Texas, not here!}
So, thank you both again, for your skill, professionalism, sensitivity and caring.


Hi Sara & Liz,
I wanted to let you know how appreciative we were for your services yesterday.  You made a difficult day so easy with you great service.  Having you coordinate the measuring, packing and moving and setting up Jan's apartment was the best decision we ever made.  Everything was like clockwork, thanks to you.  We really appreciate your kindness, caring and professionalism in dealing with this move.
Thank you,

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